When it comes to a toddler’s heating habits it can become a tricky and even picky situation. Laying down a healthy foundation from the very start tends to ease this picky behaviour towards food. 

Tummies full of love and Baby Womb World have designed a reward chart to assist parents in encouraging toddlers to taste new products and to get them involved in the preparation of meals. This will ultimately lay then foundation for healthy eating habits. 

The reward chart is based on a reward system. Theme stickers are used to put on an item bought at the store, for example a fruit or vegetable. These stickers will then turn a normal pear into a crocodile pear or a regular pumpkin into a princess pumpkin. Now, that the pear isn’t a normal, every day pear any more, chances are, your toddler will try it.  Let your child choose their own ingredients they want to cook with and give them an opportunity to learn more about the specific item. 

Get your child involved. Most children will try something they have made themselves. This can get messy, but the quality time you will spend together will make it worth it. 

Give your child something practical to do. Try not to interfere and take over, as this is an important step in laying the foundation for a healthy relationship with food. Have them cut something easy like a banana and allow them to add a little bit of water or herbs to the bowl.

They can easily break off broccoli stems or use a whisk without to much guidance. 

It is important that you eat together as a family. This will give parents the opportunity to set an example when it comes to healthy eating. By doing this you will help expose your toddler to new flavours, without making them feel pressured. 

The reward chart comes with smiley stickers that are rewarded to your toddler when they lend a hand in the kitchen, when they try a bite of something new, lay the table or even when they finish a meal. When the smiley stickers reach a star, it means that it is time for a reward. 

Rewards does not mean that you should now open the candy cupboard. By using positive reinforcements you can reward your child in a healthy manner. Healthy rewards include for example, a movie night, building a puzzle together, visiting a nursery, making a home-made healthy ice-lolly or going on a scavenger hunt. This list is filled with endless possibilities.

By using the rewards chart you can help your toddler to lay a firm and healthy foundation for years to come. Remember what you do now, will echo in eternity. 

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