I have always had a passion for education, which led me to pursue a career in this field. Additionally, I have three wonderful children whom I adore, and I have a strong desire to educate them as well. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck and forced us to stay at home, I began incorporating informal learning and playtime with my kids. This experience quickly sparked an idea to create an adventure box for parents. I spent over 3 years planning and researching, and now My Adventure Box is finally a reality.

My goal is for parents to feel empowered when they open the box, and to help their children achieve important developmental milestones in a simple yet effective way. I believe My Adventure Box will help families spend quality time together while engaging in fun and meaningful activities. Childhood development should be enjoyable, not a burden.

Our family has spent countless hours playing, learning, and growing with the box, and I’m confident you’ll have the same experience.

Enjoy every moment!

Ané Green

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