Our products are sold frozen and include a wide range of flavours and textures that cater for every stage of the food introduction journey. New kid on the block is our BLW range, a firm favourite for busy parents.

View our dietitian approved Meal plans & guidelines to see what will suite your baby’s needs.

Tiny Tummy Range

Smooth vegetables & fruits purees to start your baby’s solid food journey. Suitable from introduction.

Explorer Tummy Range

Slightly textured protein purees, green veggies and new flavour combinations perfect for tickling taste buds for a explorer tummy. Suitable from 6-7 months+

Hungry Tummy Range

Chunky & mashed textures perfect for creating courser meal combinations and for texture introduction.
This range is to introduce more complex flavours, spices and variety into a baby’s diet. Suitable from 8-9 months+

Toddler Tummy Range

Almost ready for table foods, more textured meals. Perfect to keep in the freezer for busy parents, to grab something healthy. Suitable from 15-16 months


Finger goods to those who love them the most.

Month & Variety Packs

With a great meal plan to help create delicious baby meals. Why not try out every flavour & product?

School & Family Meals

Our beloved toddler meal flavors are now available in convenient bulk options!
Designed to cater to both family dinners and school meal programs, our new offerings provide nutritious, delicious, and hassle-free solutions for busy parents and educators.

Meal Plans & Guidelines

With a variety of delicious baby food in your freezer, you are ready to go.

We are passionate about great tasting baby food. Introducing solids should be a fun exciting time with your baby. We are here to make it easier every step of the way. Starting solids, introducing textures and new flavours we are here every step of the way. Spending less time in the kitchen. more time with your baby.

Tiny Tummies - Starting solids

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Explorer Tummy - Starting Green veggies & Proteins 6 - 7 months

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Texture Introduction from 8-9 months

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Hungry Tummies - chunky & mashed flavours

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