Protein Pack

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The perfect combination of all our protein options to add to your baby’s plate of veggies for lunch & dinner.

Protein is an important building block for brain & muscle development.

2 x Beef

2 x Basil Beef

2 x Chicken

2 x Rosemary Chicken

2 x Rice with Fruity Chicken

2 x Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

2 x Chicken Liver with Redpepper

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1 review for Protein Pack

  1. Lindie

    Good day so it is 14 porsions. How much is the gram in each meal

    • Magies Vol Liefde

      Good day Lindie, There is two different size of tubs. 45gr and 85gr.
      The protein can be divided into smaller portions while frozen to add to vegetables, creating different meal options. Take a peek at our meal plans.

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