Texture Introduction Month Pack


Month pack combination between 3 ranges, Tiny Tummy, Explorer Tummy and Hungry Tummy.

This month pack comes with a Meal plan and Guidelines to assist moms in transitioning of puree to mashed textured foods.

The guidelines will help moms create and combine meals with the own foods like spaghetti, couscous etc.

8 x Butternut

8 x Sweet Potato

6 x Carrot

8 x Apple

2 x Merry

8 x Rooibos Apple & Pear

3 x Beef

3 x Basil Beef

3 x Chicken

3 x Rosemary Chicken

6 x Broccoli

6 x Spinach & Green Beans

5 x Beetroot & Sweet Potato

5 x Minty Mashed Peas

3 x Cinnamon Butternut

3 x Vanilla Sweet Potato

3 x Ginger Carrot

4 x Fruity Chicken & Brown Rice

4 x Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

3 x Butternut Pasta Sauce

3 x Veggie Pasta Sauce

1 x Apple & Cinnamon Oats

1 x Cherry Berry Oats

Please note no product exchanges are available on this package.

Can be frozen for 3 months.

Purchase this product now and earn 1,315 Baby Coins!


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