First Birthday Cake – Smash Cake


Healthy FIRST BIRTHDAY cake, to celebrate this BIG moment. 

This delicious cake is perfect to:
Serve as a birthday cake at their first party.
Send to school for fellow baby learners to all enjoy a piece. – Add some carrot muffins for easy individual portions for school.
Use as a SMASH CAKE.
Diabetic friendly – for adults to enjoy.

Made with wholesome ingredients and NO ADDED sugar.

Sold Frozen – easy to defrost over night. 

DIY Healthy option icing recipes included – keeping sugar content low.

Decorate & assemble cake as your heart desires & enjoy. 

Allergens : Egg & Wheat

PS. our Mini Carrot Muffins works perfectly as an extra addition to the Smash Cake, add some to your order as desired. 

Earn up to 160 Baby Coins.

Additional information

Weight120 g

3 x small (10cm) cakes, 3 x medium (14.5cm) cakes


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